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Post-natal depression. Child

More than one in ten Mother's develop post-natal depression/anxiety. Feelings may range from stress and tearfulness and a sense of inadequacy, to acute and debilitating illness.
Support and understanding from family, friends and sometimes a professional can help you to recover.

Maternal health during pregnancy and the child-parent relationship during the first few years of life have a very significant influence on brain architecture, lifelong habits and patterns for dealing with life and adversity, and future mental health and well being.
Confident Communities, Brighter Futures. A framework for developing well-being (New Horizons DH 2010)

Having worked with women experiencing post-natal depression within secondary mental health services I now offer a welcoming space for you to come with or without your infant(pre-toddler)for supportive psychotherapy. I offer support for ante-natal and post-natal depression, and other emotional difficulties during pregnancy and after birth. I am trained in watch, wait and wonder (OXPIP) and I am a parent. The work may be short term as this is a new experience, and a new relationship that you have with your infant. It may be useful for a partner, or family member, to come for one or two sessions. If there are difficult issues from the past that need to be worked with I may suggest that you come for individual sessions.

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